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My place to discuss what interests me in the world of SEO, SEM, Social Media and the odd bit of general geekery…

Ian Miller – Bio

I hate the “About” page as much as the next person, so I’ll keep it short and hopefully sweet.

By day I’m the Head of Search at Crafted Media, a full service web agency in Ipswich. I’m proud of what we do and what we can (and have) achieved for clients in some highly competitive niches. By night I fly through the airwaves of the interweb, seeing bits stream past my eyes and robots.txt checking all before me. To put it another way, I pretty much live online. I’m usually in front of a computer doing something or other, and like nothing better than firing up Twitter and seeing where the links take me. I read vociforously, but now unfortunately 99% of it is online, except when I’m on holiday.

And if you want the flannel, then check out my LinkedIn profile.

If you want to know some little known facts about me:

  • I’m a cat person rather than a dog person
  • I’m a Mac person
  • I played Santa Claus in the school play aged 10
  • Acquiesce is my favourite word
  • I think Stephen Fry is a genius. Gordon Brown less so
  • I have two passports
  • Maynards Wine Pastilles and McVities chocolate digestives are my favourite “treats”
  • I like short sentences. Honestly

If for some reason this blog hasn’t put you off and you would still like to contact me, then please either leave a comment, or connect via Twitter or LinkedIn