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The iPhone’s calendar makes me mad

I love my iPhone, really I do. But recently there have been several things that I’ve come to notice that really try my patience. There are the little things like the number of key taps it takes to actually make a call, the random slow downs and various others, but my most recent bug-bear is that iPhone can’t edit the calendar assigned to an event. Yup, that’s right folks, as soon as a calendar event is created using all the UI goodness of the wheels for choosing the time to make you warm and fuzzy, you’re done, tying it to a calendar for life. Of course, this is an exageration and you could just walk on home and edit the calendar on your Mac, or Google calendar if it’s synced that way. But no, I really wouldn’t mind being able to move a calendar event from a “Work” calendar to a “Personal” one if I’ve screwed it up; heck, maybe even back again if I’m feeling particularly wild.

Luckily, I’m not going (more) mad or noticing this iPhone calendar bug – or “non-chargable feature” as I like to call it. I know I should be more careful and remember to set the calendar when I create an event, but I don’t. I forget and I get mad at myself because it’s usually easier to delete and create a new event rather than remember to log in later to do it. For an “enterprise ready” phone, the iPhone has a got a lot of quirks – sorry “non-chargeable features”…

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