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Apple Store app – why hasn’t it been made already?

Yes, the question really is that simple. I was on a WIFI connection and sat with my iPhone and thought, “I’ll just go check the price on that 13″ MBP I really want” for the umpteenth time and it came to me – why doesn’t Apple have an app for its own retail store? It seems I’m not alone in thinking it would be a good idea, even with the quick and dirty CSS option of a dedicated iPhone UI as Amazon does, it doesn’t have to be a full blown app. (Although I’d prefer that myself, I’m all for offline browsing.)

Not only would having a dedicated app allow us Apple fan-boys (self-confessed, but I admit their failings too) to geek out at every available opportunity, but imagine the upselling and extra features you could include. Here are a few I thought about off the top of my head:

  • The ability to watch, or even stream keynotes
  • General Apple news feeds
  • Latest product spotlight integrated in a similar way to the main site
  • Time bounds offers and specials exclusively via the app
  • Make it transactional
  • Start wishlists of products and accessories
  • Product monitoring for price or spec changes
  • Highlight refurbished products more easily
  • Account management and shipping information for all outstanding orders wherever placed
  • Account recognition, so takes you directly to the Education store if you’re signed in

Basically, that was just thinking about this for a few minutes, I’m sure the very clever people at Apple can think of other, (probably better) features. My point really is that for a company that knows the dedication of its fan base, alongside their heavy promotion of the app store concept and iPhone product, I just find it a little odd they don’t “practice what they preach” and release an app themselves.

It does seem that some companies are making good progress with tapping into the mobile market, with Ocado’s home shopping app receiving good initial reviews. I’m not suggesting that every retailer flags down this bandwagon and hops on board, but for Apple, it certainly feels like a natural and obvious fit.

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